Opto Services is Institut d’Optique Graduate School's Junior-Enterprise, an engineering school specialised in photonics and a member of the Université Paris-Saclay group (ranked globally at the 14th place in the "Shanghai Ranking" (ARWU) in 2020). We are a student association working as a consulting agency in optics. We offer premium services to companies in this field. Created in 1980, Opto Services is as of today the only Junior-Enterprise in France to offer exhaustive and thorough services in the optics and optronics fields.

Our nationwide presence

With 3 campuses (Palaiseau, Bordeaux and Saint-Étienne) all strongly anchored in their regional territory, IOGS (Institut d'Optique Graduate School) provides state-of-the-art photonics equipments for its students, as well as access to reasearch facilities and labs attached to the school :
the "Laboratoire de Photonique" Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N)" situated in Bordeaux, the "Charles Fabry" lab (LCF) located in Palaiseau and finally the "Laboratoire Hubert Curien" (LHC) in Saint-Étienne.
Students benefit from their proximity with top reaserchers and have access to their expertise.

Our assets

Connections with research institutes and labs

Access to state-of-the-art equipment

A specific course on optronics

A broad knowledge with more than 40 years of existence


years of experience


potential consultants



Our services

From the characterization of cameras, optical sensors...

...to the design and modelling of optical systems on our specialized software, find the entirety of our services in optics

We offer assistance in technical document translations into several languages and also in your niche field of work

Development and integration of electronic and optronic systems

Opto Services will help you in the development of your optical systems but also in modelling, designing and optimising them

Our partners

They entrusted us