Scientific data analysis & Translations

Opto Services, with its 40 years of experience and its proximity to three multilocation laboratories, can assist you in your scientific communication, from bibliography to technical translation.


Opto Services will take care of the state of the art of a subject in different languages and make translations for your projects. With us, obtain bibliographical research in optics and electronics to determine, for example, the components that best meet your needs for the design of an optical system.

Example of studies conducted in bibliography:

Creation of a database on photonics companies in Ile-de-France, and synthesizing of this database.


Sharing your project with the world is one of the keys to its success. Opto Services offers to help you with the translation of technical and scientific documents in several languages.

Example of studies conducted for translation:

Translation of a calibration manual from English to French (Calibration On-line)