Who are we

Our professional network

Opto Services has been active for more than 40 years and has a network and numerous partners in the field of photonics, consulting and engineering

Our mandate

Chaque année, un nouveau mandat d’administrateur.ices d’Opto Services est nommé afin de garantir le fonctionnement de la structure. Découvrez ici le mandat 2023.

Opto Services is a member of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE), an organization that federates more than 180 Junior Enterprises throughout France.  Opto Services can be qualified as a Junior Entreprise because in accordance with the CNJE, the association respects a certain number of criteria necessary to obtain this title. Each year, the CNJE audits the respect of the norms necessary for the good functioning of the association and the correct development of each project.

The CNJE is mainly present to assist us as an association, to bring us its support in particular through the implementation of courses. Its aim is to advise the committed and invested members of the different Junior-Enterprises who wish to become even more professional.

The CNJE elects every year a list of the 30 top-ranking Junior Enterprises in France, called L30. The ranking is based on the results obtained from the indicators used during the annual audit. This is a prestigious distinction that takes into account the ranking of the association over the last three years, with the aim of highlighting the continuity and excellence of the work done. Opto Services was honored to be part of this L30 in 2019.